The issue of President Jacob Zuma's position as President of the Republic of South Africa will be finalised once all pertinent matters are finalised. So says African National Congress president Cyril Ramaphosa, the man poised to take Zuma’s job as president of South Africa.

Reporting in a statement on meetings he had held with Zuma the new ANC president said that he was aware that the uncertainty surrounding the position of the Head of State and Government "is a cause for concern among many South Africans".

It had been agreed to postpone a special meeting of the ANC national executive committee that had been scheduled for Wednesday 7 February. "This will enable President Jacob Zuma and myself to conclude our discussions and report back to our organisation and the country in the coming days."

This is an indication that Zuma is not going soon, well certainly not immediately. An NEC meeting is scheduled for the weekend of  17 and 18 February - so the matter of Zuma's recall may not be resolved before then.

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