The threat of Day Zero, when the taps run dry, has faded even more, according to the latest stats from the City of Cape Town   

The City announced on Monday that Cape Town’s collective consumption over the past week had been 527 million litres of water per day – higher than the target level.

However, the very positive news was that “dam levels have increased again by 4,6% to 42,7% of storage capacity as a result of the rainfall received, especially in the catchment areas.”

This rise in water levels in the dams which feed the city raises the question of how the City can continue to insist on the current range of water consumption levels.   

Capetonians will be more difficult to persuade that the crisis remains severe when they see the rising dam levels and recent rains, which in some instances have led to flooding.  

Added to the City’s challenges is the leadership crisis, which led to Mayor Patricia de Lille being stripped of her oversight of the water portfolio.
“The City thanks all of its water users for the continued water-saving support, even when it rains,”the City insisted, in its statement.

“Irrespective of the increase in the dam levels, restrictions remain in place as the National Department of Water and Sanitation requires Cape Town to lower consumption to 450 million litres per day to stretch water resources.”

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